Laughable Reasons to Keep Homeschoolers Out

I had to laugh when I read the Buffalo News article about New York's Iroquois School Board policy decision to exclude homeschoolers from their public school activities.  I'm a bit ambivalent about mixing the two in my state – noting that too many Illinois local school board policies create over-compliance demands for participating homeschoolers, but this reason given by School Board President Lowrey is a tad ridiculous.

Iroquois home-school policy stands on no extra activities By Eileen Werbitsky

Lowrey said a poll of faculty club advisers showed that some clubs run activities during the day, which would put home-schooled students at a disadvantage. In addition, the school district’s attorneys advised against changing the policy.

Good one.  If clubs run their activities "during the day", homeschoolers couldn't possibly attend. Hello role, meet reversal.

Homeschoolers are out and about, not penned away in a room with windows you're not supposed to look out.  The homeschooled kids could attend, if they were allowed by the school board.  And of course – if the school district attorneys allow it.  Which they didn't.

There might be good reasons they don't want private schools participating in public school extra-curriculars, but some of the reasons given in this article are certainly not about the kids.

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