John Stossel Interviews Unschoolers

Amy Millstein, of UnschoolingNYC, and 14 year old unschooler, Jude Steffers-Wilson, gave a brief explanation of unschooling on John Stossel's Education Blob.  It's always difficult to explain the unschooling, or even homeschooling way of life, to people who don't experience it every day.  But it was obvious Jude was passionate about his education. What more can you ask?

Many of the homeschool myths were covered in the few minutes.  I was sorry to hear New York homeschoolers have to send a report to the state every three months.  That paperwork seems ridiculous to a homeschooler in a state not requiring notification of homeschooling.

Stossel pointed out the typical reaction from people who don't understand: "This sounds weird to people."

Amy Millstein responded well, noting it's perfectly natural to continue what children do from birth. They learn to communicate and ask infinite amounts of questions expecting the same back in answers.  Then suddenly at the age of five, it's assumed learning has to be a forced situation/school.  Children at home are not on an "educational break", as one Chicago teacher inferred in comments regarding mandatory kindergarten. Think about it.  What could any family do with the riches of New York City's museums, parks, libraries, food and activities?

If you only had the time.  Unschooling gives the time to seek out the answers to questions and passions on a natural learning schedule.

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