Iowa Senator Looking for Trouble

An Iowa Senator has been unhappy with the “education reform package” passed through the Iowa legislature and signed by the governor last year.

Senators squabble over state regulation of home schoolers By O. Kay Henderson 

A state senator says a case of apparent child sex abuse in southeast Iowa involving a home schooling family highlights the need to reestablish some kind of oversight of home schoolers.

The education reform package that became law last year got rid of the requirement that home schooling parents register with their local school district. Senator Tom Courtney, a Democrat from Burlington, says that was the wrong move.

Mixing the idea of more home education freedom with child abuse calls all homeschoolers in Illinois or Texas and several other states potential child abusers.  We don’t register with the schools.

Radio Iowa also notes an Indianola Senator’s rebuttal. Senator Garrett said:

 … it’s “sad” Courtney is using “one isolated incident” to attack home schoolers around the state.

“That’s no more fair than to take incidents of abuse in the public school system and impugning the public school employees, but that happens,” Garrett says. “…We’ve just recently heard of a case in the City of Knoxville where a coach has been charged with abuse of one of the students.”

There are definite child abuse problems in the school system that are pushed under the rug by various school business interests. Proportionally, that law enforcement and media’s apathy seems to be a monumental problem compared to a sick 20 year old abusing his siblings.

Senator Courtney was grabbing at straws, worrying about private options instead of the public realm he should be helping to oversee.  It is against the law to abuse children.  That law should always stand without exemptions.

It is not abusive to homeschool your children.

From Radio Iowa and O. Kay Henderson:

“We need to bring back the oversight that we had on home school kids,” Courtney says. “It shouldn’t hurt those in this state who are doing it right. It shouldn’t hurt them a bit. I would think they would be proud to have the state come in a say: ‘Boy, you’re really doing a good job here.’”

It does hurt to spend time satisfying a paperwork demand instead of focusing on your children’s education and your family. It didn’t bother mine and millions of other children a bit to not fill out that paperwork. I’m proud to say my children are successful adults who did a great job advancing themselves with the education we chose for them.

Fortunately, it appears there are no Iowa homeschool bills in place.  Senator Courtney was just open miking his disappointment with recent legislation.

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