Interview on Homeschooling:Freedom and Fun For Your Family

Indiana’s Debbie Harbeson provided questions that I enjoyed answering, and she posted them last Friday on Homeschooling: Freedom and Fun For Your Family
Debbie also writes an awesome weekly column.  Why is it awesome?  Because she seems to be right in line with my thoughts about our country and our world.   Plus she has a good sense of humor, which helps tremendously in this day and age.  She writes about common sense and lack of that sense in our common society.   I’ve learned a lot from those Hoosiers.  They have a wonderful network in IHEN.  Thanks for the time, Debbie!

Speaking of our chickens….We went out last night for Father’s Day, and the conversation inevitably turned to chickens. I don’t know how that happens, but it seems totally appropriate to me.  Did I mention that our sweetheart bantam Ani-Me has been teaching and nurturing 6 brand new babes in the art of scratch and scamper? This morning, we just stuck a newly hatched cochin *YAY* in the mix, and Ani looked puzzled and took it all in stride….actually all under her.)
  I have pictures….let me pull them out here….

RIR Looking at Japanese Bantam nest    Learning how to scratch                                                                                 Learning How to Scratch 

Nosy Nellie and Ani-Me 

Frenchie checking out the broodDaddy (one of ’em anyway) checking out the brood

Bored yet..Good good, here’s some more pics of our chicken tractor (incubated) chicks.  They’re getting to the awkward, slightly ugly stage, so I’ll show you the Cute Chick pictures:Half Sibs-Rhode Island Red/Salmon Faverelle  and SF/Japanese Bantam

Full Sibs, born 1 week apart
(Salmon Faverelle/ Japanese Bantam mix)
Full sibs, one week difference in age

Rhode Island Red/Salmon Faverelle
Half sib to chicks on the left


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  1. Hey Susan, I didn’t even realize you read my columns. I’m glad to hear there’s another person who understands the things I’m trying to say.

    Thanks for participating in the interview!

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