Indiana Neighbors, Speak Up

Here’s some new labels I haven’t seen before, but you never know what gets thrown out there to see what sticks.  (Seems like nothing stuck in the ancient run of home education and the newly hatched concerns of its critics, but when has that stopped people who are threatened by freedom?)

Many education professionals believe that if the home educator is not well qualified or fails to include a child in group activities outside the home, it can produce young adults who have insufficient social skills and, in the extreme, borderline xenophobia. Lack of socialization and life experiences can stifle a child’s maturation and his ability to mentally process disappointments and life changes.

Education Professionals are/were supposed to be concerned about education!  Why are Education Professionals concerned about borderline xenophobia?  Do they know what borderline xenophobia is?   I thought they were supposed to be covering A,B, C’s and 1,2, 3’s?  Makes me want to jump back into the public schools and have my children educated in WHAT?

Should we talk about the percentages of child murder, abuse and other instances of horrid situations in the big, wide world of a public schooled society?  Andrea Yates , who was given a fatal (for her sweet children) double dose prescription of Effexor by her doctor (an expert?!) was mentioned.  Effexor carries the FDA tag (some more experts) of suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation.  

 But those "exceptions" underscore the need to be watchful in any community for abuse, especially for kids the rest of the world may not see on a daily basis.

I wish she was kidding, but no, she’s just ignorant.  Homeschooled kids ARE seen out in the rest of the world (the real world of real socialization) every day.  One only has to see the unlimited and  various activities for homeschoolers along with the other activities where homeschoolers participate in their community.  Our family just this week:  Tae Kwon Do, zoo classes, grocery store, sorting and hanging up clothes at a resource center, soccer practice, music lessons…. and this is our slow time. 

Wonder why Ms. Coures thinks that parents who take the initiative and huge responsibility of  overseeing the education of their most precious thinks they are suspect?  It must be that societal mindset that someone must oversee the parental role.  Public schools have succeeded in that education, in too many ways.  It’s really about that Parents as Partners thing. 

She is asking for feedback and to give credit where credit is due, she is putting in her two cents in comments on her article about how concerned she is that Home schooling should be board election topic.  Hope the Evansville Courier & Press isn’t as extremely selective in their coverage as the Akron Beacon Journal was with their ‘concerns’. 

Spunky has a great response to this issue. 


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