Illinois’ Fiscal Crisis Helping Families Choose Homeschooling

WCIA’s Connected to the Capitol interviewed a Chatham family choosing homeschooling this year.  Kimberly Bloomberg represented homeschoolers well.
State funding cuts lead some to home school – Reported by Ashley Michels

“The reason we decided to do it is because different kids have different needs,” Blomberg said.

Needs that many schools can’t afford anymore.

“There (are) always programs for kids that are behind and they’re always reaching them but what about the kids that are above?” Blomberg said.

This mom says large class sizes and one-size-fits-all curriculums left her kids lost in the crowd.

“Our state is in financial disarray,” Blomberg said. “And so I can’t really blame the schools a lot of times because they just don’t get the funding for it.”

The state’s cut millions out of education funding over the last few years and already cash-strapped schools could be in for another $400 million hit next year. It’s encouraging some parents to move the classroom to the living room.

Seeing the plethora of expensive bills presented by our Illinois representatives, along with hearing the various House, Senate Committee and Floor debates in Springfield makes me think money is no object, even as Illinois is brought to its knees with the lack of fiscal soundness.  The original intent and cost of compulsory attendance bills sponsored by many in the House and Senate is one example.  Ms. Bloomberg’s understatement about Illinois’ financial disarray can be appreciated and mourned by many Illinoisans.

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