‘Homeschool Truancy’ Legislation Planned?

The Dana Show in St Louis had an interview with Senator Maloney today.
This part was disturbing in Senator Maloney’s review of this past week: 

Maloney  – Those who came to the Capitol were extremely courteous and professional. what precipitated this was an acquaintance of mine was homeschooling..I was interested in the logistics of it and I was surprised to find no rules or regulations in this state. I thought for protection of those kids who aren’t getting an education that we ought to know where those kids are. Since the hearing, I realized some had issues of privacy with this along with the logistics. Last couple of days I’ve been meeting with representatives of the homeschool community, school board representatives, isbe, superintendents.”
Senator Maloney and other proponents of SB 136- registering non-public schools – say homeschoolers have no rules or regulations.  They said it again and again last Tuesday at the hearing.   But the compulsory attendance exemption statute states otherwise.  It’s a puzzle why our legislators don’t acknowledge that statute and our adherence to it.  Our privately schooled “children are taught the branches of education taught to children of corresponding age and grade in the public schools, and where the instruction of the child in the branches of education is in the English language”.

What are these legislators seeking? Where is their moneyed influence?  We’ll keep asking questions, but the answers by action from our public servants are disturbing.

Maloney tells radio talk show host he still plans to “identify” home schoolers

The Illinois Review

It appears the celebration about SB 136 being tabled today may be short-lived.  The sponsor is still determined to find a way to account for those slippery homeschoolers in Illinois, the ones that could “slip through the cracks,” as one legislator warned at Tuesday’s hearing.  Why do we think that?

State Senator Ed Maloney was featured today on Dana Loesch’s St. Louis talk show and during the last minute of the interview, here’s what was said:

Dana asked the question: “Will this legislation go away?

Maloney responded with “”SB 136 has gone away. We will have a discussion relative to, primarily the truancy issue and how we can identify that and ah with all parties involved and hopefully we can come up some way ah some ah fashioning some sort of legislation that will be able to identify those students without invading anybody’s privacy”


‘Homeschool Truancy’ Legislation Planned? — 6 Comments

  1. It's apparent that Senator Maloney still doesn't get it!  Liberals all seem to think their job is to protect us from ourselves.  The nanny state in action.  Thanks for sharing this Susan! 

  2. I find it odd that he was originally prompted to sponsor this bill because of his conversation with his homeschooling acquaintance who told him that there wasn't government oversight, and now he is so very worried about truants.  What is he really after?  Control of what he doesn't have, I think.

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