Heads Up for Kentucky Homeschoolers

Louisville’s WPFL is reporting on Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday’s plan of action.

Where Homeschooling is Happening in Kentucky, and Why Education Leaders are Paying Attention By Devin Katayama

Kentucky doesn’t monitor homeschooling very well, Education Commissioner Terry Holliday says.

But as the state prepares to implement a new dropout age of 18 in a few years, Holliday says it’s an issue the education department wants to keep an eye on.

Homeschooling does not make one truant or a dropout.  There’s no need for public school officials zeroing in on homeschoolers and their homes.  It’s a private school education not within the huge public school realm, any more than the Montessori or Catholic school.

WFPL continued with Holliday’s issues:

Holliday says some superintendents have told him parents use homeschool to scoot by the public schools system.

“Our concern was that as we implement raising the dropout age we might see an increase so we want to get baseline before to just see if indeed that does happen,” he says.

If these schools are having problems with the parents and truancy, they should have checked the problem when they had the well-defined information in front of them. Hearsay is not a good reason to “take more resources and a General Assembly effort to increase monitoring of home schools.

The article’s comments share several Kentucky homeschoolers’ reasoned thoughts and feedback on the Commissioner’s threats to their independence.

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