Grooming the Next Generation of Leaders

I can be upbeat about this Walton Tribune article written by Sharon Swanepoel:

Taitt girls rising in CAP ranks 

This Stone Mountain, Georgia family shows some awesomeness.  The three sisters' dad, Declan Taitt, describes his and his wife's parenting role this way: "We have always understood that we were not just raising children, but grooming the next generation of leaders."  They're inspiringTheir mother has this to say about values:

Austin-Taitt said. "We are clear that values are caught, not taught, so everything we do is strategic to ensure that they are successfully launched from our home as virtuous, community-minded and productive citizens."

All three of the girls are in the Civil Air Patrol.  I have heard wonderful reviews from families about the CAP.  From the article regarding 16 year old E'lon, Eden – 15, and Alyssa Taitt – 14:

They also are members of an investment club, all work a couple of hours a week at a local Chick-fil-A and they are quickly rising through the ranks of the Walton County Civil Air Patrol. E'lon, who is a 2nd lieutenant, has earned the prestigious Mitchell Award and the girls all fly gliders out of Monroe Airport.

But the best reviews come from the Taitt sisters:

We have greater opportunities as homeschoolers to dance to the beat of our own drums," Alyssa said, adding, "The only downside is that we can never just watch a movie without having to dissect the plot afterwards."

"I love that we get to take piano lessons in the convenience of our home, participate in martial arts (green belts) and travel out of the country – all as part of our education," Eden said.

Their mother passed along what she has gained, and I heartily agree about (my) learning process:

"As a mother, I am always told, ‘You homeschool? I could never do that.' I consider myself the most fortunate woman in the world to have the privilege to invest my life in three spectacular young ladies," Austin-Taitt said. "In the process of teaching them through the years, it is I who have learned the greatest lessons from them. I have learned to laugh hilariously, cry passionately – and learn incessantly."


Grooming the Next Generation of Leaders — 2 Comments

  1. One of the thoughts I’ve kicked around is in response to Sir Francis Bacon’s saying: knowledge is power.
    I think because homeschoolers will as a group be more informed that they will be more influential.

  2. Interesting, Henry.  I've wondered about this too.  I was just having a discussion with one of my kids about the power an informed minority can have on policies and society itself.  I've seen it happen in ways that were helpful and I've seen it in ways that were disturbing. 

    It seems like any person who has knowledge and access to more information perform many marvelous deeds and activities throughout their lives.  We can only hope, ay?

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