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The HEM NewsComm Editor wrote up a little ditty to the Kansas City Star regarding a KC Star letter she ran into from a Libby Doggett.   

Libby Doggett loves Illinois and the progressiveness of the Universal Preschool movement here. Great letter from Valerie Bonham Moon:

‘Pre-K’ not needed

The writer of the letter (3/28) about Missouri’s “inactivity” concerning preschool, is the executive director of a Washington group called Pre-K Now. Her group’s mission is to increase taxpayer-funded preschools nationwide.

Young children raised at home need no public funding using tax dollars that are better spent on existing public schools. No acquisition of land on which to build public preschools is needed, nor the reduction of the age of compulsory school attendance, such as was attempted in Washington in 2001.

Educationally motivated parents raise children who grow to be productive members of society. There is already enough pressure for children to grow up quickly. Organized schooling of all children, some of whom are only a year out of diapers, is unnecessary and expensive.

If money is to be spent for the improved education of young children, use the money to improve or expand community libraries, parks and other public-access resources.

Valerie Bonham Moon


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