Governmental agencies gone amuck

I wrote something up on HEM NewsComm [The system did fail this little girl] about the twists and turns of public school agendas for more oversight, but one might say less responsive accountability?  

While looking around for commentary on the U.S. Dept of Ed  Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature report, I ran into this July 1, 2005 Heartland Institute article [U.S. Public Schools Failing to Combat Predatory Employees Abuse cases suggest some schools are havens for sexual predators on staff ] By: Neal McCluskey:

According to a report from the state’s auditor general and a Detroit News investigation, Michigan fails to keep tabs on teachers convicted of sexual assault and other crimes. More than 200 licensed school workers in Michigan had criminal records in 2004, and the state didn’t know about 178 of them.

In addition, the state often failed to revoke the certification of teachers found guilty of crimes–including, according to the Lansing State Journal, Matthew Mankoff, a band teacher in Deckerville found guilty of soliciting sex from a minor in 2003, and William Ayler, a Detroit teacher who pleaded guilty in 1997 to one count of second-degree sexual assault.

In Florida, David Mosquera, a 71-year-old Orange County school bus monitor, was arrested in April and charged with eight counts of abuse for molesting a special-needs child.

And Jon White, Urbana teacher, who has been charged with predatory criminal assault likely submitted to a background check and other legislated oversights to ‘prevent abuse’.  I had to do the same to be a 4-H leader here.  Even as I wondered about the waste of paper and file space when it doesn’t seem to be too effective for people intent on doing harm most of the time.   Too many cracks and then there’s the usual mindset that ‘someone else is taking care of it’; as in a governmental agency.  Too often, they’re not ‘taking care of it’. 
It’s a real and unfortunate shift from responsibility and accountability in the community.  You face your neighbor and see if he/she is holding their head up.   Non-anonymous with calls for responsibility.  But that’s just that ‘little l libertarian’ part of me. 

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