Fox News will cover homeschooling/unschooling

Helen Hegener posted last week on Home Education Magazine: Pat Farenga on Unschooling

*Update*  Here’s the video

The temptation to put homeschooling’s best face forward on a news program would be difficult.
 But how do you explain homeschooling lives, let alone unschooling, in a ~5 minute sound bite?  You can’t.  People will have their mind made up beforehand.  I know I do.     Unschooling explanations sound like families are ‘getting away with something.’  Many people think all homeschoolers are ‘getting away with something.’  If those people could spend a week or so with us watching what we do all day, maybe they’d get it.  (Sometimes even when they get it, they twist it around.)   I don’t want those people watching my family for a week or so, so they’ll never get it unless they do it.  If they do it, THEN they’ll be sold on the notion.  So it goes.

Sept. 4, 2009: Pat Farenga to discuss unschooling on Fox TV. View the Fox and Friends TV Show, Saturday, Sept. 5, at 9:50AM EST to see it.

**Update 2** I discovered this article while searching "unschooling" on the Fox News website.

From 2008: ‘World of Warcraft’ Gets Kids Interested in School

But the person talking in this case is Constance Steinkuehler, an educational researcher who organized an afterschool group for boys to play, for educational purposes, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game.
Some of the eighth graders and high school freshmen who signed up for the group couldn’t have cared less about writing or reading in school.
Yet those students have gone from barely stringing together two sentences to writing lengthy posts in their group’s Web site forum, where they discuss detailed strategies for gearing up their virtual characters and figuring out tough quests.
"It has worked ridiculously well," Steinkuehler said. "It shouldn’t be working as well as it is."
Video games are also being embraced by some advocates of "unschooling," a type of home schooling that puts kids more in charge of the curricula.

Continued at the site.

We can hope that education researchers remember the benefits that Ms. Steinkuehler discovered in an "after-school" group.  It appears they also have redeeming qualities in a homeschooling environment.


Fox News will cover homeschooling/unschooling — 5 Comments

  1. I saw the tidbit on Fox and Friends at about 8:50 EST. No Pat Farenga though. The piece was positive and bias toward good unschooling. Two of them were for unschooling and one was against and book quote (missed author name wonder if it was Dana Hanley) was about no rules in the house so that was 3rd voice to be pro unschooling.

  2. I guess I only saw half of the story because the segment with Pat Farenga is now online at the Fox and Friends site as a “top video” right now. I can’t get a direct URL to the video.

    The segment I saw was the 3 hosts of Fox & Friends discussing unschooling & quoting from a book that I missed the title of.

  3. Thanks Christine. I think I have the PF/Webb video.Here’s the video link:

    Our dog’s flea bath took longer than I thought and I only caught the last half with the life coach? Webb something, and PF. Webb somehow integrated unschooling into being a dropout. She was quickly and wonderfully corrected by Mr. Farenga concerning the difference.
    When he was asked about school subjects that some might not have an interest in-such as US History- he said that history doesn’t belong to schools. He reminded that you can’t walk down the streets of Boston without running into history.
    Those history learning lessons have always worked with our family.

    He did a great job; from what I saw anyway. At this time of year, I’m wondering if families don’t do a bit of googling to find more homeschool information.

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