Family’s Great Adventures – The Places They’ve Been, The People They’ll See

Who needs attachment parent explainin' from the likes of Time magazine and their marketing skills?  Parents who like hanging out with their kids understand how this works.  (Even though there have been wonderful responses from logical people.)

From the Post and Courier in SC, an article is posted with one more blow against societal norms –  often screwed up in the US of A:

Family living on sailboat in Charleston welcomes newborn son aboard

The boat has become central to their lives. It’s become a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom and for their 18-month-old daughter, Marietta, a playpen.

At 8:01 a.m. Tuesday, it became the birthplace of their son, Jack Benjamin, when he arrived into his father’s hands.

New mom of two, Nicole Midence is from landlocked Illinois and her family is living the life our family always thought would be great fun.  

The couple plans to homeschool their children, using their day-to-day experiences to explain otherwise sundry school subjects. Navigation with paper charts and compasses uses algebra. Observing marine wildlife exemplifies biology. Visiting sites like Fort Sumter helps make sense of historical concepts.

They have big adventures ahead of them, even as they carefully planned this birth with their midwife.

Next year, they plan to head to the Pacific Ocean and its Sea of Cortez, which separates Baja California and the rest of Mexico. Where they’ll go from there is up in the air, though, Jack Midence said, even those plans are bound to change, as the family sails “about the world” — not, he clarified, “around” it.

“They say sailors don’t have plans,” he said. “They have intentions.”

There is little doubt this family intends to have fine experiences.  Follow them on Nicole Midence's brand new blog.


Family’s Great Adventures – The Places They’ve Been, The People They’ll See — 8 Comments

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  3. Great post! Hope all is well with you and your family, Susan.  I'm no longer homeschooling (youngest is now 19) but still writing. One of our daughters just graduated from tech school, and our son and his wife are awaiting the birth of our first grandchild this fall. How time flies!

  4. Thanks, Barbara.  Great to 'hear' from you and I just checked out your new site.  I have been out of the LOOP lately.  It looks fantastic!

    Sounds like time is flying and you're having great fun!  

    Our babies are now 18 and they'll be attending U of I after finishing up their community college time (the frugal way to go for twins).  It's exciting and awesome watching them take on new responsibilities.   

    So we're officially done homeschooling now too.  But I still highly recommend it!  lol

  5. Sounds like they are starting on a great adventure. I'll be following their blog and dreaming….our goal is to do something similar, just on land, driving to……….somewhere.

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