“don’t want to get kids in the middle”

That’s what the principal at Indiana’s Mooresville High had to say about their apparent pushout problem.  That damage control is along the lines of "It’s about the kids" in looking for higher salaries and benefits for all teachers; bad and good. 

From the Martinsville ReporterTimes
By Ross Flint
Sunday January 13, 2008

High school responds to home-school order story

“I’m not sure all of the facts have been laid out,” he said. “There is more to this than what she’s disclosing. Here, there is a caring staff. There are caring administrators. We have the students at heart.”

Now if only Principal Muston had said, ‘We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to do our best’.  But no, Mooresville High has only caring staff and caring administrators just like him.  Who he cares about is revealed throughout the article in his general trashing of the parents and those (ex) students. 

Here’s another gem:
"“We can’t just kick kids out without due process,” he said. “There have to be legitimate processes.”

After a big party weekend where the police showed up at some poor parents’ house who unknowingly had said big party, every teenager in school knows there is no due process in the school.  Any rumor, piece of gossip or whisper overhead by some of the "caring staff" will be relayed to the school authorities.  Then the gauntlet of interrogation starts.  He said, she said…I won’t punish you if you tell me what your friends did…no, you can’t call your parents right now….

But that’s understandable.  Due process isn’t taught at length, sometimes any length, in the schools.  It’s too risky.


“don’t want to get kids in the middle” — 4 Comments

  1. I guess we could have predicted it would come to this. What else can be expected when the tax money is going to the testing companies instead of to the classrooms, and then the schools are punished for not making AYP. The whole NCLB concept was designed to be a disaster in the making.

    But don’t the public schools have an obligation to educate everyone?

  2. The whole NCLB concept was designed to be a disaster in the making.

    Interesting wording and I think I agree even as designing it as such makes no sense.

    Public schools should provide a “free, appropriate” education requirement with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA).
    They also can’t deny a public education if there aren’t discipline problems or such because I think the state constitutions address it. Illinois addresses education in its Constitution and I see the IL State Board of Ed has this:
    The Illinois Constitution guarantees every person access to a free public education from kindergarten through grade 12. Additionally, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Plyler v. Doe that undocumented children have the same right as U.S. citizens and permanent residents to receive a free public education. As a result, all school districts have a legal obligation to provide all students with a free education.

    I do take ISBE information with a grain of salt, but I don’t think school admins want the public to know that they’re pitching kids out in the streets for no good reason. To do some of the paperwork requires some falsified records and some of them have done that here in IL.

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