Dirty Deeds

Indiana's Greenfield Daily Reporter will be offering up interesting weekend news for Hoosier homeschoolers.  I'm a bit fascinated right here in Illinois, as I've seen the same sort of Illinois public school documentation the Daily Reporter offered up in images and as described below.  

The stark evidence is displayed in the student transfer form of one teen.   She dropped out (later earning her GED), but says that paperwork on file at the school used "a classification of home school [that] was Assistant Principal Dan Jack's idea, not hers".  Another student leaving the school "didn't notice that Assistant Principal Dan Jack had written 'home school' on his transfer sheet until he got home and looked at it more closely".  

Seems like the education experts and authorities are using the good name, hard work and dedication of homeschoolers to keep their dropout rate down and the funding rolling in.  

Indiana homeschool advocates are on the issue.  Ben Bennett (one of the Indiana Home Education Network founders) blogs about the problem(s) in Skipping School. The Greenfield article pointed out that Indiana homeschoolers have concerns about the school manipulations:

Home-school advocates are skeptical of Greenfield-Central’s class of 2010 home-school numbers. They say manipulating enrollment figures by declaring a dropout is being home-schooled demeans the home-school movement. 

Good for Indiana homeschoolers who are tracking this problem and laying it out to the public.  Good for the Greenfield Daily Reporter for covering the issue. Shame on these school authorities across the country (including Illinois) who aren't supporting education, but rather filling their pocketbooks on kids' and families' backs.  This is an unfortunate issue that not only displays the school incompetencies in keeping students in the classroom, but helps create what Illinois Regional Superintendents and one Illinois Senator call a "no-schooling" issue.  Hypocrisy might abound in the public school network, but they have a big voice.  Homeschoolers need to find theirs concerning this problem. 


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