DHS Grants Romeike Family Indefinite Deferred Status

Good news for the Romeike family being able to stay in Tennessee and homeschool their children.

But, being from Illinois, with the city of Chicago leading the way, I think the politics of this matter have evolved into a cynical and disgusting display.

My hope was the Rule of Law would prevail in this issue the German family allowed themselves to be immersed in via HSLDA.  That notion has quickly degenerated.

Obama’s Department of Justice got the decision they wanted when their appeal was victorious rescinding the political asylum grant by the Memphis Immigration Court.

Then, with the use of their escalating “executive privilege”,  the administration bestows “indefinite deferred status” with the use of the Department of Homeland Security.  That would placate the voting homeschool population, while setting the legal position exactly where they wanted it.  In this situation, going for political asylum in the US was sketchy at best.  So, on the other end, HSLDA is using homeschoolers for their international business pursuits.

The Obama administration doesn’t support homeschoolers, unless it helps them politically.

After Tuesday’s DHS pronouncement, HSLDA is claiming victory for an over-reaching administration’s executive decision.

Clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right.

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