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Harvest Morning



Former Expectations and Edicts from USDA – 1917

Some voices are comforting and Paul Harvey's radio voice is a soother for me.  I listened to him in the truck riding to the farmer-owned grain elevator with my dad.  We listened to him as we went on family trips across the country.  His 1978 speech to the National Future Farmers of America (FFA) Convention in KC was excerpted below.

We recorded the Super Bowl and then fast forwarded through the game to commercials.  Some were good, others were not so great.  These images show our life here on our family farm.  I know it varies elsewhere.  Our country life here is much different than when I grew up.  At least, the depiction above wasn't sponsored by Monsanto – destroyer of family farms – on their American-Farmers website.  These past years during harvest, my mom runs the combine, while I run the tractor and wagon across the fields.  My dad takes the grain into the only elevator left around here.  Owned by ADM.  

But I can still walk outside in my pajamas and no one will know except the chickens and bunny rabbits. I'll remain hopeful.

Catching up with Grandpa at Harvest


  Prairie Burn
















 Riding the bucket

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