Cruzin’ Into a Piece of Iowa’s Homeschool World

The media coverage of the apparent presidential hopeful Ted Cruz is just about as fascinating as the country-wide romps of our politicians.

The Des Moines Register focused on Cruz’s school choice message.

Cruz speaking to Iowa Christian Homeschoolers

Ted Cruz in Iowa: School choice is ‘civil rights issue’ By Jennifer Jacobs

Cruz said he wants to maximize the educational choices that are available for every parent, whether it is public schools, private schools, charter schools, scholarships or homeschooling. “We should see a thousand flowers bloom,” he said.

He congratulated the audience for convincing the Iowa Legislature to protect the rights of homeschoolers. ”You went to Republicans and Democrats and you said: ‘Forget about party lines. Who cares what party you are.’ Kids are bipartisan and the Constitution should be bipartisan. … You won a major victory here.”

The changes the Legislature made last year removed requirements for homeschoolers to file paperwork with their local school district and to undergo testing by an independent teacher and allowed homeschool parents to teach up to four unrelated students and to teach their children driver education.

On the national level, media wants to talk about his religious point of view.
In Iowa, Ted Cruz Embraces His Religious Side
By Will Weissert Associated Press

Known nationally as a fiery fiscal conservative, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz channeled his pastor father and displayed his religious side Tuesday, telling an influential group of Iowa home school advocates that America was founded on Christian values Washington can’t deny.

Seems like a no-brainer to me.  Cruz has a strong family background in the church, it seems to have stayed with him into adulthood and he is speaking to the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators, as opposed to an Iowa unschooling or secular homeschool group.  I’d always understood a good speaker caters to the audience’s interest.

More here on his Iowa visit.

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