Congratulations to California Parents and Taxpayers!

Good Job Done.                                     The 2 Pinchers

Diane Flynn Keith and all the other allies who stayed on top of  this issue with your advocacy for children.  You are inspiring.

Homeschooling issue?  Yep.  Check this article out; among many others:
A Weapon of Mass Instruction in The War On Toddlers

Jealous in Illinois


Congratulations to California Parents and Taxpayers! — 2 Comments

  1. It was excellent, Spunky, and laid out some points that we’ve both been making for some time.
    Diane put it in a nutshell about this program and so many others that are proclaimed as “voluntary”. History tells the story. I’m not sure what’s happening in MI, but Illinois UP proponents are so confident, they’ve already laid out their Blueprint in the Chicago Trib.
    ҉ۢ Will universal preschool be voluntary or mandatory?
    While universal preschool is being introduced as voluntary, there is plenty of inferred evidence (for example, the CA Master Plan for Education) that within 10-20 years preschools will be mandatory and will be extended to all children ages 2-5. If voluntary programs are seeded and people use them, enacting legislation to make them mandatory won’t be perceived as a “big deal.” Voluntary programs are the first in a series of events that could usurp parental authority to determine the educational course of their children.”

    I’ll address the “entitlement mentality in my sporadically repeated post about a swamp. :-)

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