Charlotte Mason Still Reigns

With lots of families in Texas, Illinois and many other places.  The Home Education Magazine February Support Group newsletter has a north Houston spotlight on the Charlotte Mason style of learning.  It’s an informative read about living books, nature studies and journals which have become part of her legacy from her Home Education Series.  It also includes great links for more about the Charlotte Mason style. And in Illinois, one of our longtime homeschoolers,  Lynn Hocraffer, has put together some great resources about this educational style.  Check it out too!

Nature study reminds me of the great Backyard Bird Count that is going on right now.  We missed yesterday because we were traveling.  Today, the birds seem to be hunkered down from the wind and even more snow on top of our huge drifts.  The pheasants were across the road from the house in the cornfield this morning which is very unusual.  And I imagine the dogs had gnawed on any leftover corn cobs there as they chewed on everything else; including the shovel handle.  The Mouths: Hipp and Kell

And of course, nature journals and observations can be done at Journey North too.  There are so many free, wonderful and natural learning resources out there for our children.  As Helen Hegener said on her blog about Winter Homeschooling and that I heartily agree with:  "….let us remember that as homeschooling families, we have much to be thankful for." 

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