Caught by a Homeschooler

Hey, I like the sound of that!  And Bravo to Daniel Bush, 15 year old homeschooled sleuth.

This one is too deliciously funny followed by a big sigh.

One of the sleuths in the Gutknecht incident is a 15-year-old Wikipedia "editor" from Nashville who says he acted out of no malice for Gutknecht, but rather to protect the integrity of the controversial online encyclopedia, which invites the public to volunteer information for its entries.

"There’s a policy against autobiographical edits," said the volunteer editor, Daniel Bush, who says he is home-schooled by his parents in Tennessee. "At Wikipedia, we call these ‘edit wars.’ "

The spokesperson for the history changer Gutknecht said:  "We’re concerned when anyone looks to Wikipedia for factual information" . 

So does that mean that we shouldn’t believe Wikipedia after these legislators do their little magic?  Hmm… wonder our history textbooks are SO screwed up. 

I’m going to file this under Parental Watch Issues.    Gotta watch some of those lawmakers.  Sometimes they cheat.

[update-A Bluestem Prairie which covers MN’s 1st Congressional District  has some more information about Gutknecht’s wacky wickedness on Wiki . ]

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