Educational Freedom for Everyone

There’s a dream Why is it just a dream?  Because there is not educational (learning) freedom in this great country. Until compulsory attendance laws are gone, I doubt there will be.  Some Americans are disturbed that Swedish homeschooling families are losing … Continue reading

A Nevada Homeschooler Becomes An “Accidental Politician”

There have been brief tidbits about the Nevada Senate race flashing across our tv screen. As Illinois residents, we half listen. We have          Photo by John Locher       enough problems going on here in Illinois.  It is fascinating that the … Continue reading

Follow the Money- Alaska’s new bill pushing home visits

This Alaskan bill synopsis was sent along to the Home Education Magazine Networking list: "An Act establishing in the Department of Education and Early Development a  voluntary parent education home visiting program for pre-elementary aged children; and establishing a rating … Continue reading

“Is anyone else ready to homeschool their children?”

After decades and over $2 billion worth of failures in Kansas City, Missouri; a parent’s question brought to the forefront by many media outlets seems seriously legitimate to me.  "Is anyone else ready to homeschool their children?" But maybe it was simply a threat … Continue reading