The Struggle for Little Ones

ht to That Mom The Heartbreaking Point My family's struggle to resist the winds of educational change. “I think that’s what school is for. It’s for sitting and learning,” another mother told me with a confident nod, the powerful lobby … Continue reading

More Resources on The War on Kids

“The War on Kids” debuts on the Documentary Channel May 6 at 8 and 9pm ET/CT You can also buy it for 48 hours here. Documentary ‘The War on Kids’ compares U.S. public schools to prison system   Here's one excerpt … Continue reading

The Stealthy War

During the trailer for a documentary – The War on Kids, John Gatto says this about the particular institution and its culture: "If you wanted to invent a mechanism to drive people insane, I mean literally insane, that's the system you would … Continue reading