Homeschooling Considerations After the Newtown Massacre

Below are some examples of parents' concerns and thoughts across the country after the horrendous Newtown deaths.  We will hope and pray for a more peaceful new year for all families. San Diego – Interest in homeschooling surges Fox 5 San Diego … Continue reading

Learning from Homeschool Success

Good school teachers could only be envious of the advantages homeschoolers have in the art of education.  We have a cozy view of our children's interests, strengths and weaknesses.  Solutions to any learning problems can be directly applied in day … Continue reading

UN Convention on the Rights of the Disabled Senate Debate and Vote Today

There is a Senate discussion on the floor now regarding a vote for the United Nations Treaty on Equal Rights for the Disabled.  Homeschooling concerns been brought up by Senators numerous times this morning. In 2009, Larry and Susan Kaseman argued against treaty … Continue reading