Round and Round We Go with our Lawmakers

Our legislators make laws. I did learn that in my public school civics class. But it is astonishing to me how lay people, such as enlightened homeschoolers, know many laws and regulations better than our lawmakers and lawyers and let’s … Continue reading

Mandatory Kindergarten is Not About the Children

Senator Kimberly Lightford wants mandatory kindergarten for our Illinois children.  She has a bill waiting to be voted on by the entire Senate that will lower compulsory attendance age to 5 years of age from 7.  Her website says this: … Continue reading

German Family’s Federal Court Appeal Hearing in April

Music teachers, Uwe and Hannelore Romeike, want to homeschool their children.  In the United States, potential homeschoolers  seek out our state homeschooling rights and responsibilities and follow them in order to homeschool.  Romeikes would prefer their children were educated in … Continue reading

Compulsory Attendance Age Bill is Sailing Through Senate

The Illinois Senate Education Committee approved the compulsory attendance bill Wednesday afternoon.  It was an 8-5 vote and the discussion was disappointing, at best. The Illinois Senate passed through the Second Reading of SB 1307 soon after convening yesterday afternoon. … Continue reading