Illinois Homeschool PAC Endorsements

If you're in Illinois, please check the Illinois Homeschool PAC endorsements out before you vote tomorrow.  Hopefully you checked them already before an early vote. Visit the PAC website to see if your candidate(s) completed our 2012 election questionnaire.  One … Continue reading

Homeschool Numbers Redux

Following the last post about education pros seeking homeschool data, numbers and the involved tests to make that happen – this September 13th Illinois Lincolnwood Review article did not make me cringe and provided useful information.  Homeschool related articles often feel like … Continue reading

Another Summit on Education via NBC

The TV network NBC sponsored another "Education Nation" — "a three-day summit aimed at improving education in the U.S".  I don't think too much has happened with public schools in the 3 years NBC has done this, except the lip service politicians offer.   They … Continue reading

Freedom on the Street

There is an online petition a mother created regarding the Waukegan daytime curfew and the problems created for her family.  They were a publicly schooled family.  We shouldn't assume homeschoolers would be treated any differently.  Brooke's story is shared on … Continue reading