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2011 will be our family's last full year of homeschooling. Our youngest have steadily moved into their own educational goals and motivations.  Their plan was always implanted with great fun such as zoo adventures, jamming with friends and traveling.  Definitely not the last our family will see of homeschooling, but our twin boys and their parents will be on a different path come this time next year.

The Ryans' Adams Family Pic

This is our New England no-teeth version taken by my parents' central Illinois pond.. We were married by this willow tree, which now offers much more shade and cover.

Henry – founder of the Carnival of Homeschooling – wonders in what ways homeschoolers vacation differently?  His thoughts on Homeschooling and vacation are at Why Homeschool.  I also wonder if other families throw in the history and other cultural nuggets along with visits.

Amy presented Our Winter Guest posted at Ambling. Amy – with Charlotte Mason's vision – said: "I believe our little House Finch has "come into view the more freely" in search of warmth. We have provided him with a little bonus of food as well, and in exchange he has offered us the pleasure of his company and the opportunity to learn more about his kind."  That is a lovely passing exchange over this winter season.
The Parenting Squad posted an article with the emphasis on Teaching Children to Give Back This Holiday Season.

On Homeschool OnlineJamie offers Tips for Wrapping it Up! – Blogs – Parent Community and Forum. Some homeschooling families are finishing up a semester of school and practical tips are offered for success.

Moving along to next year, My Domestic Church posted Homeschool Connections – one way to add some zing to the next semester!

Dena also offered some thoughts about the future in Goal for it! posted at

Chris submitted a insightful article all families should consider when their children approach the young adult stage.  Is College Right for Your Home School Student can be read at Home School vs Public School.  Following Chris' family experiences, he recommends consideration to: "balancing if a college education is correct for your home school student. Looking at several different factors that may influence their decision. Is a college degree necessary for what they want to do with their life?"  Indeed, college is not for everyone.

Read Aloud Dad reviewed Dinosaur Cove: Attack of the Readaloudsaurus at Read Aloud Dad.  His children have jumped right into 'paleo mode' with the gift of books.

South African homeschooling mom Melanie Grant submitted some suggestions on How to Get your Children Reading and a Great Giveaway posted at Mel's Mouthful on Mothering.

Guiding Dad with the 3-wheeler construction..  Now he's driving a 4-wheeler.


Sabrina suggests homeschoolers take note in  Phys. Ed. Failure – Let's Get REAL, Homeschoolers! at the 7Sisters Innovative Homeschool Helps.  Our family also has some of each – competitive athletes and non-athletes – and the recommendation is to think "outside the gym class box" while teaching your kids to be healthy.  Common sense and fitness prevails. What more can you ask?

Granny nanny Kaye at the SandwichINK blog offers up Grandparent and Grandchildren Educational and Musical Fun – Teaching Multiplication Facts Through Songs.  This is a way to enjoy learning multiplication facts with songs, which is great for homeschool fun learning, errands with the grandkids, and more.  

Annie Kate is loving her blissful and refreshing week off.  Her post Ah, Holidays! at Tea Time with Annie Kate reflects the family time that is so precious to us.  

We all use our time in different ways and one of the joys of homeschooling is the amount of time we have.  The clock keeps ticking and when our chicks are ready to fly, we hope we've taught them what is needed to build up their own successful and independent lives.  Those are successful passages.
Carnival of Homeschooling
Thank you for reading this last Carnival of Homeschooling for 2011. 

Please pass along your Carnival of Homeschooling submissions for 2012 via the instructions.  

Happy and joyous wishes for all during this holiday season!  May you have many blessings besides the wonderful comforts and fruition of homeschooling. 
Sunset on our Farm


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  1. I love the socializing picture!  Our chickens are so companionable too.
    Coming to the end of homeschooling is still years away for us, but it already makes me sad.  I'm sure you're savoring every moment of this year.  May God bless this time for your family.
    Thanks for hosting.
    Annie Kate

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  4. Thanks, Jamie.  Annie Kate, We are enjoying this time.  Our 'babies' have never been in school until they started taking dual credit community college classes.  We have no regrets about time except that it passes quickly.  

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