Judy at Consent of the Governed and NHELD has posted another piece of information concerning the bullies in CT.  Keep us posted, Judy.  This bullying and use of ‘gimmicks’ is not just happening in CT.   The article is from the Hartford Advocate
Constitutional Protections Don’t Apply To Department Of Children And Families Investigations. Jennifer Abel, reporter says:

When accused of a crime you’re guaranteed certain constitutional rights, like the right to face and confront your accusers, have a jury trial, know the charges are against you and see what evidence the state has to support them. But none of these apply if you’re investigated by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.

“The [DCF] is not a law enforcement agency and does not charge citizens with crimes,” department spokesman Gary Kleeblatt said in an e-mail. “Therefore, the agency has no involvement in the enforcement of constitutional rights that relate solely to criminal activity (jury trial, confront accuser).”

“It’s a gimmick,” charges Michael Agranoff, an Ellington-based attorney who specializes in defending parents in DCF cases. “Making [these cases] civil instead of criminal is a gimmick to get around the fourth, fifth and sixth amendments to the Constitution.”

One other CT. communication that will make stomachs turn.  This is from a legislator to a constituent concerning this problem schools are creating for children, even as parents were trying to work with these agencies, to no avail.  Very sad

Thank you for your thoughtful e-mail.
Since the press conference aired on CT-N , I have received a few calls from parents who have had horrendous experiences when trying to remove their children from the public schools. One parent actually broke down and cried halfway through the message he left on my answering machine. His son committed suicide after being subjected to constant bullying at school. He had tried to remove him from school , but was unable to deal with the opposition.
Hopefully, we can get some attention from the Education Committee and have a full hearing on this issue before the next legislative session.
Best wishes,

Judy, make no apologies for your passion opposing your appropriate description of tyranny.  Families need this help.

update from Consent of the Governed:

Trapped Kids ?? CT Schools Can’t Stop The Bullying – And They Probably Won’t Let These Parents Leave To Homeschool Either

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