NHELD Update – New Connecticut Mental Health Bill

A new Senate bill has been placed on the Connecticut Children's Committee agenda scheduled for hearing on February 14.  National Home Legal Defense  (NHELD) offers more information about this bill in the organization's new Bulletin – More CT Proposed Legislation Regarding Children’s Mental Health Assessment. There are … Continue reading

Connecticut Presents Bill Regarding Children’s Mental Health Assessments

The National Home Education Legal Defense (NHELD) –  Bulletin #74 responds to Connecticut's Senate Bill 374 – An act requiring behavorial mental health assessments for children. Deborah Stevenson offered information and caution regarding this bill in the Public Health Committee with two sponsors. Below is part of NHELD's … Continue reading

The UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Should Be Opposed

The Foreign Relations Senate Committee held a hearing on July 12 regarding the U.N.’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Opponents to the treaty ratification testified at the hearing.  They were a Heritage Foundation representative and a Home … Continue reading

More Resources on The War on Kids

“The War on Kids” debuts on the Documentary Channel May 6 at 8 and 9pm ET/CT You can also buy it for 48 hours here. Documentary ‘The War on Kids’ compares U.S. public schools to prison system   Here's one excerpt … Continue reading