Chicago Teachers Union Leadership

The problem with many schools are people like Karen Lewis and her leadership. A former Illinois state senator and Senate Education Chair went further and described it in more shocking terms.  From Chicago News in 2009 before Lewis’ Chicago Teachers Union realm:

“The BDs [Black Disciples] are not the biggest gang problem, the GDs [Gangster Disciples] are not the biggest gang problem, the Vice Lords are not the biggest gang problem, the Four Corner Hustlers are not the biggest gang problem…The biggest gang problem in Chicago is the Chicago Teachers Union.” (Quoted in Substance News) 

The attitudes about parental role and job responsibilities does seem a bit standardized with some of these clutches.  Before coming into her leadership role, Lewis did have charge of a classroom and impressionable children.   Impressions being made day after day, as Lewis is keenly aware.

One teacher union leader follows another.  The previous Chicago Teachers Union leader, Marilyn Stewart, also had some general corruption issues, as laid out by a somewhat biased “insider”. It seems to be the Chicago Way.

This quote below was related to the 2006 CTU opposition and subsequent lawsuit filed against the Chicago Public School system and others in relation to the Chicago Virtual School formation. CTU claimed this Virtual School was “essentially homeschooling”.

“For them to think they can address the social and emotional issues of a child without being in the same room as that child is ludicrous,” Stewart said. “You can only adequately address these issues in a classroom where you have necessary peer support and peer interaction.”

The results of that lawsuit were posted on Home Education Magazine News & Commentary.

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