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Upside DownThat was written by me (sorta) about the school boycott and some incorrect homeschooling information that was in the Champaign News Gazette today. 

The letter I sent to the Gazette on-line wasn’t quite the letter that I see in the paper.  But it’s acceptable enough; annoying as it is to have your words changed with your name attached to it.  (And I was under the word limit with the original.  I can’t find the darn copy I was sure I saved.) 

As a clarification to the clarification, I never write home-school or home schooling unless I’m meaning school at home.  And that was definitely not what I was meaning in that letter. I know that spell check on ms word really, really wants to spell homeschool with 2 words, so maybe they have their own bad boy spell checker.  And some sentences were mixed and matched, and missing? (Really wish I could chase down that original!)  AND I am 99.9% sure that I would NOT refer to Superintendent Culver as Culver as I think it’s disrespectful. 

I’ll stop.  The edited letter was good enough, I guess.

Home schooling is option worth study

Friday April 28, 2006

I am writing in response to the Champaign schools boycott article. I think that the concerned parents are looking at choices in a very informed and proactive manner.

Home schooling was one alternative, and a question-and-answer forum with home-schoolers was provided so that the community could explore that choice last Sunday at the Boys and Girls Club. Those attending wanted accurate home-schooling information.

In reading the article as a home-schooler, I felt Superintendent Arthur Culver’s misperceptions and inaccuracies about home schooling as a non-enriching social experience are unfortunate. My kids are being educated along with socializing across central Illinois.

Many course offerings and advanced placement classes are available in the public schools. But they are also available for home-schoolers. Course offerings are endless, and Parkland cooperates wonderfully with home-schoolers in offering dual credit/college classes to teens. And surely Culver realizes that all children are entitled to support services for special needs in the public schools. It’s state law.

The research and the knowledge the group had concerning this problem was impressive. The parents’ distress for their children’s well-being was clear as they understand that time is precious.

It appears the police/school issue was a symptom of a problem that’s been brewing for some time. Maybe parents will select home schooling as their choice or they might stay with the public schools.

But whatever they choose, parents were addressing it in an informed, clear-headed manner as a closely knit community. I was impressed.



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