A Hopeful Carnival

Carnival of Homeschooling Don't forget the oldest homeschool Carnival hosted this week by founder, Henry Cate, at Why Homeschool.  This week's Carnival is The Hope Edition.  From Henry:

Seven years ago we published the first edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling.  The carnival was born with a number of hopes.  We hoped to provide a forum for homeschool bloggers to get to know and support each other.  We hoped the carnival will provide our blog and other homeschooling blogs a little more visibility.  Largely I think the carnival has been successful in meeting these goals.  

I had a few additional goals.  I hoped that maybe the Carnival of Homeschooling would provide a tipping point for a few families.  That maybe the carnival would provide the encouragement needed for a few more families give homeschooling a try.  And that maybe a few discouraged families would stay with homeschooling than if the carnival had not existed.  I don’t know if the carnival was a tipping point, but I like to hope it made a difference for at least a few children.

Go check it out this weekend!



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